Stereoart are instigators, perpetrators and innovators. Their magnetic influence has attracted musicians, film-makers, artists, opera singers, composers, writers, poets and contemporary dancers to their fold all with the common purpose of raising music and the arts beyond the confines of genre and placement. Their goal is to expand, enhance, challenge & provoke. From very different backgrounds musically and culturally, Martin Radford and Tatsujiro Oto (aka.Pop) bring forth a unique sound combining solo virtuoso cello with electronica, beats and samples of earth sounds to machines, whales and human voice.

Tatsujiro was born at the summit of Mount Fuji one auspicious night and meteorites filled the sky. As a result of this eruption, he was destined to make an impact on the world. He moved to London from Tokyo in 2002 travelling on a cloud of success in Japan. His desire to experiment with organic sound designs and experimental artists soon found a voice in stereoart where their first recordings took place in a squat/disused bakery in Elephant & Castle.

Martin was born at eleven minutes past eleven and came to London from the Shetland Islands at the age of 18 to study cello at the Royal College of Music. Inspired by the sudden rush of humanity, he quickly adapted to London life and began to explore all forms of musical expression, pushing the boundaries of his classical training. He has since toured worldwide and recorded with many artists. Despite his 11 obsession, Martin manages to perform and record with the best bands in the land and compose.

”11:11” is the debut album of stereoart and was released independently in 2008.

In 2009, Stereoart composed and played live for Edward Eke & Jonas Mekas collaboration 'The Requiem of the 20th Century' at Poetry Marathon at Serpentine Gallery. The best poets/artists in the world including Brian Eno & Karl Hyde, Gilbert & George, Grace Jones & Karl Holmqvist gathered and performed on the same stage.


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