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Tatsujiro is from Mount Fuji in Japan. He started learning the piano at 9 and soon after embraced the guitar forming a Led Zeppelin cover band. He started writing original material and at this point was phobic of any electronic sounds! This changed after he was discovered by Sony Music in Japan with moving to Tokyo. Soon he put down his guitars and fell in love with keys again. This time… computer keys.

In 2000, Tatsujiro signed to the major label Pioneer LDC in Japan. With them he released 2 albums and 2 singles under the name ‘Pop’. During this time he also was asked to remix for YMO (H.Hosono,Y.Takahashi,R.Sakamoto). At the age of 20, Tatsujiro wrote a song for the Japanese ‘Madonna’ Ayumi Hamasaki. Over 2 million records were sold and he went on to perform with her at the MTV awards in Singapore and Tokyo.

In 2002, London was calling and Tatsujiro came to the UK to collaborate with experimental artists in London. He met with The Invisible Circus crew, moved in with them and performed many shows including Glastonbury Festival. Day by day, second by second, he started to wonder what '0' and '1' exactly mean, how yin and yang smiles, perfectism and humanism........... earth and static………..

2004 saw an introduction with Cellist, Martin Radford and stereoart was born.



Album '11:11'
EP 'Silence'
(Stereoart Records)

Album 'Pop6to7'
Remix album 'Repop6.7'
and 2 singles
The debut single was Top No.10 in the weekly chart of Tower Records Shibuya Tokyo.
(Pioneer Ldc)
» Pop ' Seek...' speaker

The Pop Group 'Versions Galore EP'
Yellow Magic Orchestra 'You’ve got to help yourself - Last-c mix'
Yellow Magic Orchestra 'You’ve got to help yourself - Banana-trap mix'
Yellow Magic Orchestra - R.Samamoto, Y.Takahashi, H.Hosono
(Victor Music Entertainment)
Ayumi Hamasaki 'Far Away - Pop ‘ e-a ‘ rmx 1'
Ayumi Hamasaki 'Fly High - Pop ‘ e-a ‘ rmx 2'

Ayumi Hamasaki 'everywhere nowhere'
In album 'Rainbow'
Composition by Pop

JOYZ ft. Dominique Filon 'Seinaru Yoru No Kyousoukyoku'
Lyrics, Co-writing/Arrangement by Pop

JOYZ 'Electropia'
Co-writing/Arrangement by Pop
Garnored Best Music Video Award at the 2012 Ottawa International Animation Festival

Directed by Noriko Okaku

JOYZ 'Shall we pop ?'
Co-writing(Song&Lyrics)/Arrangement by Pop
In album 'Pop-Ups'
(Azule Inc.)

Yumiyumi 'Johnny is too bad' (EP)
Yumiyumi - Kaori (Go! Team)’s ex.band
(Velocity Records)

MINI Countryman - Get More In.
Sposorhip idents for JONATHAN ROSS SHOW (ITV1)
Directed by Mitch Stratten
Creatives by Christen & Bertie

Co-written, Sound Design/Efx/Edit, Mix, Voice & A little chubby samurai by Tatsujiro Oto

(WCRS/Mitch Stratten Systems)
Os Gomeos x Cognac Campaign
Os Gomeos x SP Campaign
Sound Editor / Mixer
dir - Nicolas Viggiani
(Crane TV)

New Balance - Happy Feet
Directed by Jon Drever

Sound Design, Edit & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto
Music by Ben Howard

(Grain Media)
Chervolet/Manchester United - We Will Get There
Directed by Mahmut Akay

Sound Design, Edit & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto

Panasoic MD Player MJ 55
'everywhere nowhere' by Ayumi Hamasaki
Composition by Pop

'Captured Image'
for 'Random Facts' (Channel 4)
Directed by Richard Misek
Composition by Tatsujiro Oto & Martin Radford
Performed by Stereoart (LITTLE DOT STUDIOS)
'A Machine for Viewing'
Directed by Oscar Raby, Richard Misek & Charlie Shackleton
Composition by Tatsujiro Oto, Chris O' Neill, Anthony Ing & Oscar Raby
Official selection & the US premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival
'Black Lake'
Directed by K/XI
Sound Design, Sound Edit, Foley & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto
Official selection & the world premiere at the 2020 Woman in Horror Film Festival
Nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Director for a Feature Film and Indie Spirit Award
The Prodigy 'Can You Hear Me?'
Directed by Paul Dugdale
Sound Design, Audio Edit, Remix & Mix by Dan Bewick & Tatsujiro Oto
(Dugdale.tv/The Prodigy)

'2 Guns: Zero Tolerance'
Directed by Wych Kaosayananda/Marcus Warren
Supervising Sound Design by Tatsujiro Oto
(Zero Tolerance Film Ltd)

'Rohmer in Paris'
Directed by Richard Misek
Compositon, Sound Design, Audio Edit & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto
(Richard Misek Films)
Official selection & the world premiere at the 2013 CPH:DOX, 2014 MIFF & 2014 Museum of The Moving Image NY 2014, Barbian Cinema & lots more

Directed by Mahmut Akay
Lead Sound Design by Tatsujiro Oto
Chosen as a finalist at the 2014 'SCI-FI London 48hr Film Challenge')

Directed by Marcus Warren
Lead Sound Design by Tatsujiro Oto
Award-winning - Audience Choice Horror & Best Picture Horror Thriller at FLAGLER Film Festival 2015
(Chizu Media)

'The Squekies'
Directed by Chris Parkinson & Howard Jameson
Supervising Sound Design & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto
(The Squeakies Limited )

'The Rajini Effect'
Directed by Kuvera & Nelson Sivalingam
Sound Design/Edit, ADR, Mix by Tatsujiro Oto
picked Audience Award for Best Film at the 2013 Indisches Festival Stutgart
(Mad Barking Productions)

'Dire Night'
Directed by Nataliya Gorbovskaya
Sound Design/Edit,Mix by Tatsujiro Oto
(Synced Films)

'Blind Alley'
Directed by Harry Clegg
& Mix by Tatsujiro Oto
Screened at Cine de la Calle festival, Barranquilla, Colombia; Salon Internacional de la Luz, Bogota, Colombia; Festival de Cortometrajes Rodinia; Spain, Viewster Online Festival
(Anything Once Films)

'The Boxer'
Directed by Riccardo Sai
Compositon, Sound Design, Audio Edit & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto
(Earl Productions)

'Grey Matter'
Directed by Ben Dixon
Compositon, Sound Design, Audio Edit & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto
Screened at the 2012 Cannes Short Films Corner
(Musser Loghorn Films)

'Fun of the New'
Directed by Matt Coleman
Compositon, Sound Design, Audio Edit & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto
(OTT Films
'By The Window'
Directed by Harry Clegg
Compositon, Sound Design, Audio Edit & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto
(OTT Films)

Directed by Haider Zafar
Compositon & Sound Design by Tatsujiro Oto
(Constant Films)

'Lost in Tokyo'
Directed by Haider Zafar
Compositon by Tatsujiro Oto
(HKZ Productions)

Directed by Haider Zafar
Compositon by Tatsujiro Oto
(HKZ Productions)

'Warhammer 40K Armagedon'
Music by Dan Bewick
Supervising Sound Design by Tatsujiro Oto

(Games Workshop/Slitherine Ltd)
NHS 'Anti-smoking Campaigne' Video Game
Directed by Zenon Olenski
Music by Pop
(Focus DC Limited)

Web Broadcast
'Chronicles of Syntax' episode 6
Written by Susan E. Clarke
Directed by
Sound Design, Edit &Mix by Tatsujiro Oto


Web Teaser
Book of Michael Connelly 'The Drop'
Directed by William H. W. Reed

Sound Design, Audio Edit &Mix by Tatsujiro Oto

(HYP Video/Three Colts Media)

"Night of The Milky Way Railroad" at Camden People's Theatre
Directed by Norifumi Hida
Revised by Henriette Baker
Music and Sound Design by Tatsujiro Oto

Fashion Show
David Fielden's Fashion Show
Directed by David Fielden
Music, Sound Design & Audio Edit by Tatsujiro Oto

Directed by Hidenori Nishimura
Music by pop

OMG! Stereoart Communion
at Shoreditch Church
w/ Stereart, Edward Eke, Richard Walters, Bee & many more specials

Jonas Mekas & Edward Eke 'Requiem of the 20th Century'
at Serpentine Gallery 'Poetry Marathon'
Music & Live performance by Stereoart
w/ Brian Eno, Karl Hyde, Gilbert & George & so many more amazing poets
(Serpentine Gallery)

The Crystal of Art 'Blessed be'
In compilation album 'The 30th Counter Culture'
Produced by Lee Harris with Youth(Dragonfly/ex.Killing Joke), Howard Marks, Shpongle, etc.
(Arcadia Records)

The Godlikeanimals ' Flying Underground' speaker
Produced by Pop with Random, Gene Serene, Gypsy and Martin Radford.
The Invisible Circus 'Who am I ?'
Produced by Pop with The Invisible Circus crowns – played at Glastonbury 2003.


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