Martin Radford - Cello, Keyboards & Vox

Martin Radford is from the Shetland Islands. He started playing the cello at 7 and won a scholarship to study at St. Mary's Music School, Edinburgh at 15. He graduated from the Royal College of Music in London, studying with Anna Shuttleworth and having regular classes with Joan Dickson and William Pleeth.

He has since toured worldwide in his capacity as solo, chamber and session musician, has had several works written for him and has a keen interest in contemporary classical music. He regularly performs with World Music artists and a recording with cello and vocals of the late Qawwali master Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan co-written and produced by Gaudi was released worldwide in 2007 and nominated for a World Music Award.

Martin is in great demand as a composer and musical collaborator and the last few years have seen releases and performances with many diverse artists including Skunk Anansie, Guillemots, Patrick Wolf, Fightstar & Luke Solomon. His performances in the UK and overseas have received critical acclaim with featured recordings reaching No.1 in music charts in Europe and America.

Stereoart is his latest project as a collective with Tatsujiro Oto and several guest artists. Their debut album 11:11 was completed in January 2008 and in 2010 they will collaborate on a project with Yamaha. He is also Event Coordinator of the London International Piano Competition, and despite his obsession with 11:11, Martin Radford records, tours and performs with the best bands in the land.

Works - Cello Recordings and Performances

Stereoart: Co-founder with Tatsujiro Oto 2004 – date. Album ‘11:11’ released independently 2008.
2nd album in production. 2010 single release ‘Silence’.
Skunk Anansie: Cello on ‘Squander’ from album ‘Smashes & Trashes’, 2009
Performances in London & SXSW Festival, Austin, Texas 2008

Patrick Wolf: Performances & cello on forthcoming album 2010.
Performances in London & SXSW Festival, Austin, Texas 2008

The Pan I Am: Band Member & Recordings 2008 -date UK tour, London Calling ‘Paradiso’ Amsterdam & SXSW Festival, Austin, Texas, USA
Guillemots: Cello on album ‘Red’ 2008
Fightstar: Cello on 2 tracks from forthcoming album 2008
Larrikin Love: Cello on ‘Ribbon Dance Mews’, ‘A Little Piece in my Heart’, ‘Paul My Dear’.Warner 2006/2007 Performances at Koko & Brixton Academy, London.
Cellorhythmics: Group member 2004-date. National & European tours, Edinburgh Festival 2-week run.
Luke Solomon: Cello on forthcoming album ‘Timelines’ 2010 Cello on album ‘The Difference Engine’ & EP 2007
Nizlopi: Cello on album ‘Make it Happen’ 2008
Sean Redmond: Performances in UK 2008-date.
Cello on album ‘It was obviously wrong from the start’. 2010
Cello on EP ‘It’s all very well if you’re happy in hell’ Mannequin Republic 2008

Apple iPad: Cello with Sean Redmond on ‘Shooting Stars’ for Apple iPad advertising campaign, 2010
Lisa Friend: Performances in UK & Europe 1998-date. Cello on album ‘Deep in my Soul’ 2010
Jonas Mekas & Edward Eke: Composed & performed soundtrack for film/poetry- ‘Requiem for the XXth Century’, Serpentine Gallery Poetry Marathon, London 2009
Richard Walters: Recording & performances in UK 2010
Solvor Vermeer: Performances in UK 2010
Hush (Denmark): Album- ‘For All The Right Reasons’ Universal 2007
Cello on ‘The Moon & the Yew Tree’ 2007
Jake Morley: Cello on forthcoming album, 2010
Naomi Roper: Performances & UK tour support for The Hoosiers 2007-date
Karen Coleman: Cello on album ‘No Secret’ 2010
Look See Proof: Cello on EP, Junk Scientist 2008
Sweet Sweet Lies: Cello on EP, Junk Scientist 2009
Sam Kills Two: Cello on forthcoming album 2010
Bobby Cook: Cello on forthcoming EP, Olympic Studios 2008
Kid Harpoon: Cello on forthcoming EP. ‘Colours’ 2008
Rachel Button: Cello on forthcoming album 2010
Wojtek Godzisz: Look See Proof: Cello on album 2009
Cello on ‘The Moon & the Yew Tree’ 2007

Ivyrise: Cello on EP, 2009
King Ramirez: Recording 2009
Sam Isaac: Live performances and live recording for BBC Radio 1 2007
Finn Daniel: Cello on EP 2007
Rubek: Cello on 2 EP’s 2006-date
AUDI: Jonathan Green (AUDI commercial): 2006
Gaudi + Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Cello on Albums- ‘Dub Qawwali’ Six Degrees Records 2007
& ‘CONTINVVM’ EM:T Records 2006

Bedspace: 2005 – date. Cello on EP’s & forthcoming album 2008
Crash Convention: Cello on EP, Junk Scientist 2006
Eliza Emery: Cello on Album 2006
PARK: Cello on film soundtrack 2007


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