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  KRASUE picked The 2022 ANNECY!
"Boy meets girl" metamorphoses into "Encounter with another species". Nonstop, Neo Noir, Spiritual Animation.

The short animation film 'KRASUE' picked The 2022 ANNECY!
Directed and Animated by Ryo Hirano
Music by Gareth Sager and pop
Sound Design/Edit & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto

Foley by Pete Burgis and Franziska Treutler (Foley Farmers)
Nominated for Best Short at The Annecy Internatioal Animation Film Festival 2022 (France)


  'Fishwife' garnered Best Short Film at The 2022 CBFF Wales and more!

The short film 'Fishwife' won BEST SHORT FILM (Made in Wales) at The 2022 Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (UK)!
Directed by Beth Park
Additional Sound Design & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto

And also gernered
BEST HORROR at Toronto International Women Film Festival 2022
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE at The People's Film Festival 2022 from 3 nominations
and more!


  'Maya' garnered BEST FEATURE FILM at The 2022 Renegade!

The feature film 'Maya' garnered BEST FEATURE FILM at The 2022 Reneagde Film Festival (US)!
Directed by K/XI
Sound Design/Edit, Foley & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto

Nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Cinematography for a Feature Film and Indie Spirit Award.
Cinema Crazed - Women in Horror Month 2022
Horror Obsessive - Renegade Film Festival 2022: Maya Gets Under Your Skin


  CAPTURED IMAGES @ Random Acts (Channel 4)
is landing on space!
Music by Stereoart
  Stereoart composed and performed for the Channel 4's art documentary program 'Random Acts'!
Directed by Richard Misek
Composed by Tatsujiro 'pop' Oto & Martin Radford
Performed by Stereoart
LITTLE DOT STUDIOS for Channel 4 Television
This is the first part of the forthcoming three-part filmby Richard Misek. Stay landed!


  Pop becomes a Sundance kid!
'A Machine for Viewing' had the US premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2020.
  The VR film essay 'A Machine for Viewing' picked The 2020 Sundance!
Tatsujiro Oto composed tracks on this.

A film by Oscar Raby, Richard Misek & Charlie Shackleton

It had the US premiere at the Egyptian Theatre in Janurary@ Sundance Film Festival 2020. More festivals and screenings are following over the world.
Don't miss the brand-new VR experience in cinema!


  'Black Lake' garnered Best Cinematography at The 2020 WHIFF!

The feature film 'Black Lake' garnered Best Cinematgraphy at The 2020 Woman in Horror Film Festival (Atlanta, US)!
Directed by K/XI
Sound Design/Edit, Foley & Mix by Tatsujiro Oto
Music by
BurnigTapes - Listed in the best original soundtracks of the year on Electronic Sound Magazine.
The world premiere will be held on the 27th of Febrary at Earl Smith strand theatre @ WIHFF.
Nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography for a Feature Film and Indie Spirit Award.


  Stereo met a little hat; 'Golden Locks' by Vincent Littlehat is OUT!
Collaboration with a very brand new star, Vincent.
  Vincent Littlehat debuts hypnotic baroque pop single 'Golden Locks' - High Clouds
An iconic model, actress & (O Yes!) artist, Vincent Littlehat's new single 'Golden Locks' was finally released on the 15th December 2017!
Lyrics by Vincent Littlehat
Music by Tatsujiro 'pop' Oto, Vincent Littlehat & Martin Radford
Vo: Vincent Littlehat / Cello: Martin Radford / Piano, Wb, Ac.G & Production: Tatsujiro 'pop' Oto / Mastering: Streaky (Metropolis)
This is just the 2nd single followed by her amazing genuine debut track 'Moondust'.


  Pop goes group!; Dreams actually come true sometime. | Collaboration with the legendary post punk band, The Pop Group!!
  Tatsujiro 'pop' Oto joined in the legendary post punk band, The Pop Group's new album 'Citizen Zombi' limited edition.
'Versions Galore'
Released: 18th April 2015 on the Freaks R Us Label.
Produced by Paul Epworth.
Mix: 1/1 & 1/2 Mark Stewart & Tatsujiro Oto, 2/1 Mark Stewart & Dave Mcewen Band Members: Mark Stewart / Gareth Sager / Dan Catsis / Bruce Smith
Tracklist: Zombie [Land] / The Immaculate / Shadow [Master] / Echelon [Instro-Mental]


  The Prodigy 'Can You Hear Me?'
Tats has done remix/sound design with Dan Bewick on this short film 'Can You Hear Me?' made for The Prodigy by Paul Dugdale. This is aired as teaser of The Prodigy's new album 'The Day Is My Enemy' (hit No.1 UK chart as The Prodigy does always!).


  Martin on tour with Richard Walters!
  Martin on tour with Richard Walters.
New album is coming soon!

  -'Sound on frame, Noise of life, Music for film.'
-SHOWREEL Updated!

- 'THE END IS NIGH ???'  
- -Sunday 16th December @ Servant Jazz Quarters

Music, Comedy, Poetry, Hug & Smile!
host by David J Pugilist (poet)
Stereoart (live), Damsel Sophie (cabaret artist/special live),
BOP (live), Little Liar (acoustic live)
Strobo X (visual arts) & Smallmoney (dj)

Q. To be or not to be, Happy that's the question.

A. Come on join us! Because all smiling faces are welcome to THE END OF NIGH ???

Comedy, Music, Poetry, Visual Arts for your Heart.
Let's see the joy in your soul through your eyes when you arrive. Hugging, drinking, smiling & dancing, games available in a famliy vibes.

E. njoy N.atural. D .eacadence in its creative essence! Spend your time inside a Musical Metropolis!!!



-'Pop is chubby?!'  
-MINI IDENTS - Samurai kills sound bills!
POP is one of '5 Chubby Samurai'- idents at The Jonathan Ross Show (ITV1)
Music/Sound Design/Effect/Voice/Mix by Tatsuji Mikajiri, Martin Radford & Hear No Evil
Director: Mitch Stratten (Mitch Stratten Systems) Agency: WCRS
Click image & watch, then get MINI Countryman!
-II : II
-Album '11 : 11'

1. Whistle Crisis
2. Innocence
3. Indigo
4 .Tobenai Tori
5. Messmer's Message
6. The Secret of 3
7. Hantenchi

--- - The Site of Reversible Destiny

8. Immensanity
9. Sound of Extinction
10. Earth's Reply
11. After You - 11 : 11

S T E R E O A R T Records

» Click the imgae.
-OMG! @ Shoreditch Church - Teaser  
-OMG! s t e r e o a r t communion at Shoreditch Church
-Filmed by MAGMA Multimedia Productions
-JOYZ 'Electropia' won The BEST MUSIC VIDEO on
-Music by JOYZ, Animation by NORIKO OKAKU (LOOK BANANA)
-Pop is co-writing this tune!

-OMG ! @ Shoreditch Church

11 - 11 - 2010 (Thu)
s t e r e o a r t communion
EP 'Silence' Launch
- music, visual art, contemporary dance & spoken word -
w / Edward Eke, Richard Walters, BOP, L
+ very special guests
More info:
e-ticket: Click here!

- Artwork by michi
- EP 'Silence'
silence 1. Silence ft. bee
2. Pica Pica ft. bee
3. Hilly Fields
4 .Silence (Instrumental)
5. Pica Pica (Shy magpie mix)

S T E R E O A R T Records
››› Get a sneak preview & buy it here!
+ Stereoart to collaborate with Yamaha in a new electric cello design !
  The new design will be given a showcase in London in November 2010 where they will perform a specially commissioned work to coincide with the launch. More details to follow.
+ London Calling, Radford Cello-ing, Never Stop !
  Martin plays cello in Partick Wolf's new album & tour, Skunk Anansie's new single & more.
+ S T E R E O A R T Records has been launched !
  Now it's available on iTune, Amazon & many more.



+ Whatever you feel...
  Listen to tracks, Watch visuals, See pictures & Get album "11:11" !




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