orlandoOrlando and Martin met at a wedding in Provence several years ago. He wisely brought along his guitar and they jammed long into the night. Orlando Seale is an actor, director, and singer-songwriter currently recording and playing out with this band ’the live motoring theatre’. He wrote the inspired lyrics for ‘Messmer’s Message’ & ‘Earth’s Reply’ and performed the vocals for those tracks on 11:11. As anactor he spent several seasons with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and working with his own improvisation/clown group Kepow. In thelast few years he has gone on to work in American and British film and television. His credits include ’Bobby’, ’Hamlet’, ’Sleepy Hollow’, ’Pride and Prejudice’, ’Fred Claus’, The West Wing’, ’Ghostwhisperer’, and even ’Hysteria: the def leppardstory’! Orlando is also in post-production on ’Dragon Camp’, his own documentary/comedy about looking for dragons in Utah.

We are delighted to be working with Bee who is a prolific singer, songwriter and composer. Our first meeting was in a crypt in Brixton where we shared a gig with her band Wrong Animal. The spirits of Brixton were moved, as we were by her amazing performance. After doing the Monster Mash together, it was clear that her vocal talents were destined to be immortalized on 11:11 and can be heard on ‘Hantenchi’. Bee composes for TV & film as well as singing with Wrong Animal, Dead Air Space and has a solo electro project called Crooked Baby.

matsuiTatsuji met Akira through an introduction from the most mysterious woman, Luna in London. Akira Matsui is a master actor-teacher of the Kita School of Japanese classical Noh theatre. He was born in 1946 in Wakayama, south of Osaka and began studying Noh at the age of 7. He showed such talent that, at age 12, he became a live-in apprentice to Kita Minoru, the 15th generation of Noh masters of the Kita School. From his firm foundations in tradition, Matsui has experimented in intercultural fusions. In Kyoto, he has acted in NOHO Theatre group productions of plays by Shakespeare, W.B. Yeats, Beckett and has written plays based on Rashoman and Hoichi. In 1998, he was designated the honoured title, Important Cultural Asset by the Japanese government and has received the Order of Cultural Merit from Wakayama City. He contributed his inspired vocals to ‘Tobanai Tori’, ‘The Secret of 3’, and ‘After You – 11:11’ in the album.

Michi was born in the mountains of Northern Japan. After a long journey through the wilderness living on nuts and berries, she discovered her vocation and was instructed by the mountain eagle to study art design in Musashino Art University Tokyo. She accepted this challenge and soon after graduating, moved to London where she now practices. Michi’s work has an illustrative quality that utilizes simple silhouettes to create striking forms. She is beatiful and we love her, despite her constant desire to place a lamp on my head...

The fates conspired and Martin met Stephane by chance at a gig in Camden over a lense where he was capturing images of the bands performing . When he sent the pictures, I immediately alerted Maestro Tatsuji to the fact that we had found a great talent. His work is powerful and emotive, and collectively we envisaged the visual aspects of Stereo Art 11:11. He soon introduced us to Inaki and Mickael, and over many meetings on a riverboat on the Thames last summer, we conceived the spark which was displayed at our recent launch. The fantastic contribution they have made to Stereo Art and many other projects can be seen at-

MICKAEL GAURIER - Choreographer
Mickael was introduced to us by Stephane & Inaki from Music Eye, and is a graduate of the Rambert Dance School in London. He choreographed “If” for The Place Theatre and is the founder of Curious Man Productions. Mickael also recently choreographed a short film which was presented at Bologna Festival (Italy) to critical acclaim. The contribution he has made to Stereo Art is immense and we are profoundly grateful for his time and instinctive synergy with our project. He brings with him two bright stars in contemporary dance who also performed at our launch.

Lucia Tong’s passion for dance was ignited while earning her B.Sc. in Environmental Science at the University of California-Berkeley, USA. She was introduced to Chinese dance at an early age and eventually represented Hong Kong on the National Rhythmic Gymnastics team. Lucia has performed and taught in Asia, North America and Europe. She welcomes opportunities for continued exploration and sharing her love of physical expression.

Sarah Labigne grew up in Germany and France. She came to London in 1997 to study Contemporary Dance at London Studio Centre. Sarah has performed with JazzXchange, The Flying Gorillas and Gideon Reeling amongst others, played the part of ’Alice in Wonderland’ at Disneyland Paris and more recently of ’Gretchen’ in Punchdrunk’s FAUST. Sarah is also a founder-member of Cabaret Dancers ’The Pins’.


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