There is a shocking cultural diaspora in the UK today, and those in London fleeing from the annual autumnal repetitive-competition-TV-drudge  have finally found a shining example in Shoreditch Church. At last,  it is time to join in praise with s t e r e o a r t . Like hip-hop revivalists preaching the holy trifecta of MCing, breaking and graffiti,  s t e r e o a r t have come together to restore faith and unity in the arts with the best of new innovative music , film, spoken word & physical theatre all sharing the same stage. S t e r e o a r t are instigators, perpetrators, collaborators and innovators. Their common goal is to transcend the arts beyond the confines of genre and placement.
Under the glow of a thousand candles, the Master of Ceremonies Lee Being will introduce a myriad of acts for your delight
Lee Being
(Master of Ceremonies)
s t e r e o a r t (EP 'Silence' Launch)
Edward Eke
& s t e r e o a r t
perform Jonas Mekas - 'Requiem for the XXth Century'

Richard Walters
Martin Radford & Robert Stevenson
Master of Ceremonies:
Lee Being
Contemporary Dance:
Takeshi Matsumoto, Simona Rossi & Tomoe Utsunomiya
Visual Art:

s t e r e o a r t
From Rachmaninov & Arvo Part......... through beautiful song, movement and electronic blasphemy of heretic renegade talent to the EP launch from the inimitable s t e r e o a r t, this will be an unforgettable evening. Join us for this, Our Communion.